2012 Top GSAT Girl

GoGSAT Subscriber Catherine Douse

2012 Top GSAT Boy

GoGSAT Subscriber Chevaugn Campbell

Monique Parker

2011 George William Gordon Scholarship!

Shannon Brown

2011 Sagicor Scholarship Winner!

Kevin Robinson

2006 Top Boy

Joshua Ardito

Government Scholarship Winner

Yasheka Managaroo

2006 Horlicks Region 2 Scholarship Winner

Blair Henry

2006 Blue Cross Commercial Scholarship Winner

GSAT Scholarship Winners …

  • "Daniel Lawla of St. Richards Primary won the Top GSAT Boy award to Campion College."
    "GoGSAT is quite good!"
    Mrs. Lawla (Mother)
  • "Peter Worton of Hillel Preparatory won a Government Scholarship to Campion College."
    "GoGSAT is excellent!"
    Dr. Ingrid Worton (Mother)
  • "Brianna Scarlett of Mar Jam won a Government Scholarship to to Westwood High School."
    "GoGSAT really helped!"
  • "D'Andre Forbes of Mona Preparatory won a Government Scholarship to to Ardenne High School."
    "GoGSAT is excellent!"
  • "Rashaun Richards of Jessie Ripoll Primary School won a Jamaica National Building Society Scholarship Winner to Campion College."
    "GoGSAT is the best!"
  • "GoGSAT is excellent!"
    Sutandy Thompson, Government Scholarship Winner
  • "GoGSAT contributed to my success!"
    Satchin Campbell, Government Scholarship Winner
  • "Chantae Cole of Mount St. Josephs won a Government Scholarship to Bishop Gibson High School. GoGSAT definitely contributed to Chantae's success!"
    Vidya Ram (Teacher)
  • "Kord Campbell of Our Lady of the Angels Preparatory School won a Scotiabank Scholarship and will be attending Campion College in September. Thanks GoGSAT!"
    Doreen Arthurs (Mother)
  • "This is just a quick note to say thanks for your excellent GSAT preparation system. Kristi used the system and received the highest scores in the GSAT in 2007. Kristi's scores were 100 for mathematics; 98 for language arts; 99 for social studies; 98 for science; and 12 out of 12 for communication task. I believe that Kristi's dedication to excellence and the help from GoGSAT really made the difference."
    Cleopatra Charles, Mother of Kristi Charles - 2007 Top GSAT Girl
  • "I love GoGSAT … it really enhanced my preparation and contributed to my winning the JAG Smith Scholarship. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Britney Gordon, 2007 JAG Smith Scholarship Winner
  • "My son David won a Government Scholarship and will be attending Munro College. GoGSAT contributed to his success!"
    David Pryce
  • "My son Stuart Stultz of Glenmuir Prep used GoGSAT and won a Government scholarship. Stuart will be attending Campion College. GoGSAT played an integral role in Stuart's preparation."
    Conchita Stultz
  • "My daughter Anya-Lee Miller of Mt. Alvernia Preparatory used GoGSAT to assist with her GSAT preparation. Anya-Lee won a Government Scholarship. GoGSAT is quite good; it helped my daughter a lot!"
    Dr. Miller
  • "GoGSAT gave me the necessary practice to help with my GSAT preparation. I was able to perform very well in the GSAT and won the 2006 Scotia Bank Top Boy award. I will be attending Cornwall College. Thanks to my parents, my teachers and GoGSAT."
    Kevin Robinson
  • "My son Robert Adam Henriques got a Government Scholarship to Campion College! Thanks GoGSAT. Also, special recognition must go to his Grade 6 teacher, Ms. Desmarie Hines and Mrs. Sheila Purdom, the Director of Hillel Academy, who both did a superb job preparing the children for the exam."
    Deborah Lanigan
  • "Tracia Young of Rollington Town Primary was awarded a Bank of Nova Scotia scholarship for her outstanding performance. Tracia will be attending Campion College. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Mrs. Margaret Bailey, Principal, Rollington Town Primary — GoGSAT Partner School
  • GoGSAT subscriber Joshua Ardito of Mar Jam Preparatory, won a Government Scholarship to Campion College. "My son used GoGSAT often during his preparation, we are sure it helped him, to do better."
    Ricardo Ardito
  • "GoGSAT assisted greatly with my GSAT preparation. I passed my examination for Titchfield High and was able to win the Horlicks Region 2 Scholarship. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Yasheka Mangaroo
  • "My daughter, Sharnelle Anderson of Seaforth Primary, passed her examination for the school of her choice — Morant Bay High School. Sharnelle is also the recipient of a Jamaica National Scholarship. Your website is really a national treasure for students in grades 4–6 who are preparing for the GSAT examination. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Terrian Evans, Jamaica National Scholarship Winner
  • GoGSAT subscriber Blair Henry of Santa Cruz Preparatory, won the Blue Cross Commercial Scholarship and will be attending Immaculate Conception High. "GoGSAT assisted by being an excellent study tool to assist in the timing for my exams and preparing for the type of questions that would be presented!"
    Blair Henry
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GSAT Students …

  • "Mrs. East: Words are not enough to express my heartfelt thanks to you and the GoGSAT team. My daughter Aneka Williams got a 97% average as well as 11/12 for Communication task. She will be moving on to Campion College. I am looking forward to continue working with you and the team as my daughter and I take on that next very important step in her quest for a sound education. Thanks! Thanks! Many thanks!"
    Renee Brown (Mother)
  • "Kord Campbell of Our Lady of the Angels Preparatory School was successful in his GSAT and will be attending Campion College in September. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Doreen Arthurs (Mother)
  • "Using GoGSAT was an excellent way of getting Zara to do work while she was having fun. Zara earned a 90+ average and will be attending Campion College. GoGSAT really made a difference."
    Michele Williams (Mother)
  • "My daughter Mary Mahfood used GoGSAT to assist with her preparation. Mary did very well and earned a 90+ average. We are very pleased with her performance and are very impressed with the GoGSAT system."
  • "I was awarded a place at Ardenne High School. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Carell Lewis
  • "My daughter, Alecia Vidal, was awarded a place at Ardenne High School, having received an overall average of 90+. I think GoGSAT has contributed to a large extent to her success. It is my pleasure to use this medium to express my heartiest appreciation for the contribution you have been making to the Caribbean education sector. Well done GoGSAT!"
    Ann Vidal
  • "My son Dario Linton earned a place at Ardenne High School, his average was 90+. I wish to say thanks for the assistance obtained from GoGSAT."
  • "I earned a place at Ardenne High School. Thanks GoGSAT!"
    Shanique Bianco Dunstan
  • "My daughter Danielle Whyte was awarded a place at Immaculate Conception High School. I would like to say a big thank you to GoGSAT and Miss Darby at Portsmouth Primary School for a job well done."
    Gwendolyn Gordon
  • "I am pleased to inform you that Davia did very well in the GSAT and earned a place at Immaculate Conception High School. Be advised that her time on GoGSAT was well spent. Her brother will be preparing for GSAT next year, so we look forward to working with you again!"
  • "My daughter Kaye-Anne Bunting used GoGSAT to assist with her GSAT preparation. Kaye-Anne earned a place at Immaculate Conception High School (her first choice). We found the GoGSAT system to be very user friendly, comprehensive and effective. We have no hesitation in recommending same to other parents. "
    Donna Dodd (Mom)
  • "I was on this program to help with my preparation for GSAT. I did very well and earned a 90+ average and a place at Hampton School. Thank you for your assistance. It has done me well. This is a good program. Keep it up!"
    Sumai Gordon
  • "GoGSAT provided my son with an interactive and stimulated learning environment. Thanks to the collective efforts, he will now walk through the hallowed halls of Wolmer's!"
    Joan Forrest Henry
  • "I earned a place at Wolmer's Boys. GoGSAT was very good, at times there were challenges in some of the subjects but I just kept on trying. Each test, I find myself doing better and better. Thanks again!"
  • "Demetri was placed at The Wolmer's Boys, his first choice. His grades were very good. I do believe that the help from the GoGSAT exercises over the last few months has proven to be rewarding. God bless."
    Mr. & Mrs. Dunkley
  • "My son, Justin Mesquita passed for Wolmer's Boys. I think the system assisted him a lot with his preparation and even forced him to do further research for the answers to questions he did not know."
    Andrea Mesquita
  • "I would like to say a big thank you for assisting my son Novaro Thompson of Jessie Ripoll Primary. Novaro did very well and earned a place at Wolmer's Boys. Last week he did well at his prize-giving ceremony with the highest award for Language, he got an award for music for first place in his class and the highest overall average in grade six. On the 26th of this month he will be awarded by DPH Mathematics competition for being in the top three in the mathematics competition island-wide. I personally want to thank you for the tremendous help that GoGSAT provided for him during his studies and the indelible mark that it has left on him. Continue to pray for all the young ones as they enter these new institutions that they will continue to remain focused and continue to do well. Once again a big thank you to the hard working team at GoGSAT."
    M. Thompson
  • "My son, David Blake passed for Wolmer's Boys. GoGSAT provided the necessary reinforcement for him and even exposed him to some areas that he had not done in class."
    Hope Blake
  • "GoGSAT was very helpful to my daughter Francine White. She was successful in her exams with a 90+ average (100% in Mathematics). She will be attending St. Andrew High School for Girls. My family and I really want to thank the GoGSAT team for a job well done. I will be utilising this service for my other daughter who will be in Grade 5 for the new school year. Again, thanks."
  • "GoGSAT helped my daughter Shauntelle Peart to do well in her exams, with hard work & determination she was awarded a place at St. Andrew High School for Girls — the school of her first choice. We are so proud of her. Thank you."
    Evett and Andrew Peart
  • "With the help of GoGSAT my son Vejay Palmer was awarded his first choice and will be attending Munro College. Thank you."
    Judith Wright-Palmer
  • "My son Jordan Newman of Knox Junior School was awarded a place at the school of his first choice — dèCarteret College. His grades were excellent! The GoGSAT programme was wonderful … My first son is going to fourth form and I hope to utilize CaribbeanExams to assist with his CSEC preparation. Thanks again."
  • "I have to say a big thank you to GoGSAT as it helped my son in his preparation for the GSAT. My son Jovaunie Lewinson of El Instituto de Mandevilla Preparatory School did very well and earned a place at dèCarteret College."
    Villette Lewinson
  • "Thanks a million GOSAT, you've been a tremendous support in assisting my son Matthew Wallace, in his GSAT this year. He did very well and was placed at dèCarteret College. Thanks again!"
    Richard (father)
  • "I would just like to say that all the hard work paid off! I performed very well in the GSAT and earned a place at Kingston College."
    Daren DaCosta
  • "Jason Taylor was placed at Jamaica College — his first choice. In our view, he did well. The GoGSAT programme assisted tremendously."
    Joan Gordon-Tibby
  • "My son Romario Clarke of Rousseau Primary School was successful in his GSAT and was awarded a place at Jamaica College. I have recommended GoGSAT to other persons and I wish the GoGSAT team continued success."
    Deziann Burton
  • "Thanks for allowing us to use your website; it helped my son a lot. He will be attending Knox College. After taking initial practice tests, we noticed that he was a bit weak in Language Arts so he spent time on that particular subject and it brought success. His name is Garfield Fletcher attending St. Ann's Bay Primary School. Thanks a lot."
  • "I would like to send a very big thank you for allowing my cousin Koleen Brown of St Anne's Primary to use your website. We started late but it was definitely what she needed … She was placed at Holy Childhood High School. We are very pleased with her placement and will continue to recommend this GSAT website. Thank you again!"
    Natalie Burnett
  • "My daughter Theon Hines of Barracks Road Primary earned a place at Westwood High School. Thanks GoGSAT!"
    Bernard Hines
  • "The GoGSAT programme really helped Mikal-Ann. She will be attending Westwood High School. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Nadine McLean-Robinson
  • "I would like to say thank you to GoGSAT for helping to build the confidence in me towards my GSAT. Coming September I will be attending St. Hugh's High School — a school of my choice. Big up to all the Ascot Primary School body, especially my wonderful teacher Miss Green, who helped to mould me from the start."
    Ashley McIntyre
  • "Just a thank you note for the service you offer to GSAT students. We used it to prepare for GSAT this year and honestly believe we were the better off for it. My son Malcolm Forbes has passed for Calabar High School. Thanks again!!!"
    Charmaine Beckford
  • "Mrs. East: Thank you very much. My daughter Kimberly Thompson will be attending Meadowbrook High School. I must say a very special thanks to you and your team. In fact, I have recommended your programme to a number of persons, it was very useful to my daughter."
    Vivienne Thompson
  • "Jheanell Gordon was placed at Alpha Academy. GoGSAT allowed her to practise and get results allowing us (parents) to get a good idea of her level of exam readiness. Thank you."
    Junior Gordon
  • "My son, Andrew Callender of Half Way Tree Primary, passed the GSAT examinations for Campion College. Thanks GoGSAT!"
    Mitzie Ellis
  • "Our son, Romaine Campbell, was successful in his GSAT Exam. He will be attending Campion College. Thanks to you at GoGSAT. Keep up the good work!"
    Louis and Verona Campbell
  • "I did well in my exams and was awarded a place at Campion College. GoGSAT assisted tremendously towards my success. The online tests and real time results made it possible for me to be readily informed and improve on my knowledge base. Many thanks to you and your team and I look forward to working with your high school website …"
    Diarra Richardson
  • "My son, Adam Hill, passed his examinations for Wolmer's Boys. GoGSAT proved very useful …"
    Jacqueline Hill
  • "My son, Vikram Khemlani of Hillel Academy, passed his examination for Wolmer's Boys. GoGSAT was very good …"
    Karishma Khemlani
  • "My son, Jovane Johnson of Glowell Preparatory, passed his examination for Wolmer's Boys. GoGSAT is easy to navigate and a rich resource for GSAT preparation. If there is such a thing as one-stop shopping when it comes to GSAT preparation, your website has achieved that distinction."
    Merica Johnson
  • "My son Michael O'Dean Wray earned a place at Wolmer's Boys , which was his FIRST choice. The GoGSAT progamme helped him tremendously. I would like to express my sincere thanks to the GoGSAT team for supplying such extensive exercises in the various subject areas. I would also like to commend his teachers, Miss McKenzie and Miss Givons who assisted with his preparation. It was a pleasure working with GoGSAT and I would recommend the system to anyone preparing for GSAT."
  • "My son Flloyd Coke of Naggo Head Primary School passed his examination for Wolmer's Boys. The GoGSAT program far exceeded our expectation!"
    Mrs. Leonora Stephenson
  • "My daughter Johnique Reid of Vaz Preparatory used GoGSAT to enhance her preparation. We found GoGSAT very helpful. Johnique will be attending Wolmer's High School."
    Merle Reid
  • "My daughter Johnique Duhaney of St. Catherine Preparatory passed her examination for Immaculate Conception High School. GoGSAT is great!"
    Beverley Hibbert
  • "Our daughter Ashley Mogg of George Headley Primary, Duhaney Park, did us proud by passing her GSAT exams for her first choice, Immaculate Conception High School. Many thanks to GoGSAT, your website was of great assistance towards her preparations."
    Norman & Loretta Mogg
  • "My daughter Shatasha White of St. Catherine Preparatory used GoGSAT to help with her GSAT preparation. Shatasha passed for Immaculate Conception High School. GoGSAT is excellent!"
    Suzette Wright
  • "My daughter Jay Ann Gayle of St Richards Primary used GoGSAT to assist with her preparation. Jay Ann will be attending Immaculate Conception High School. GoGSAT is excellent!"
    Pearline Gayle
  • "My daughter, Tashanique O'Sullivan of Duhaney Park Primary School, passed for Ardenne High School. GoGSAT is a great site! Thanks so much."
    Simone Duffus
  • "Thank you very much for your assistance in preparing Tiffany Fisher of Ascot Primary for the 2007 GSAT examination. She will be attending Ardenne High School. I think GoGSAT is fabulous, the system definitely contributed to Tiffany's success."
    Sophia Brown-Fisher
  • "Ched Beckford of St. Catherine Primary School passed his examination for Ardenne High School. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful website. I will highly recommend GoGSAT to other parents. Keep up the great work!!!"
    Coleen Palmer Wright
  • "I would like to say a big thank you to GoGSAT for the tremendous help afforded to Dane. Dane passed his GSAT and was placed at St. George's College — the school of his choice. Thank you very much. It was worth the cash."
    Claudette Hepburn
  • "Thank you for providing such a valuable instrument to Jamaican students. My son, Nicholai Bedassie of The Queen's Preparatory School, used GoGSAT and will be attending St. George's College. GoGSAT is truly remarkable, and I have recommended it to several parents and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to prepare their children in a comprehensive manner."
    Colette Palmer Wright
  • "A big thank you to the GoGSAT team. … my son, Jerome, was successful in obtaining a pass to the school of his dreams — Kingston College. … thank you for the many practice questions … and the answers … they were of great help. … keep up the good work. … A big thank you again."
    Janet Young
  • "Ms. East, I just wanted to tell you thanks a million for introducing this wonderful and educational website to me. It was a big help because, if it weren't for this site, I would not have gotten a fair average. GoGSAT really helped me to prepare myself for GSAT. I will be attending Holy Childwood High School. … I am encouraging all the children out there who will soon be taking this crucial exam to use this site and see for themselves how beneficial it will be."
    Charlette Edwards
  • "My daughter Abigail McKay from Dunrobin Preparatory passed her examination for Holy Childwood High School. The GoGSAT programme played an integral role."
    Althea Howlett
  • "Thank you for providing such a valuable instrument to Jamaican students. My son, Ranil Bedassie of The Queen's Preparatory School, used GoGSAT and will be attending Jamaica College. GoGSAT is truly remarkable, and I have recommended it to several parents and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to prepare their children in a comprehensive manner."
    Colette Palmer Wright
  • "Hi Shalette, I write with great pleasure to inform you of my daughter's success in the GSAT exams 2007. Her name is Amanda Williams and she attends Meadowbrook Preparatory School — Grade 6w. I am pleased to report to you that she will be attending St. Andrew High School for Girls come September, and that we are both quite elated and happy with her placement. Just to reiterate how wonderful the GOGSAT programe is and the tremendous help my daughter received by using same. I have already begun telling my friends about GoGSAT and two have indicated that they will be signing up in preparation for the 2008 exams. Warmest regards to you and your staff and keep up the good work."
    Michell Williams, A Satisfied Parent, Senior Field Officer, Jamaica Observer Limited
  • "My niece was successful in her GSAT exams. She passed for St. Andrew High School — the school of her first choice. Thank you Mrs. East for having the vision to develop a website such as this … the children enjoy while learning. Keep up the good work."
    Dr. Lori Playfair
  • "My daughter, Michellae Walker, passed her GSAT exams for St. Andrew High School. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Diana Walker
  • "My daughter, Juhi Page of The Queen's Prep School, used GoGSAT. She passed for St. Andrew High School. GoGSAT really helped her. She gained a lot from it and the practical experience built her confidence."
    Ron Page
  • "I got into the school of my choice. … Thank you GoGSAT."
    Romaine Simms
  • "My son, Negus McClymont of Liberty Preparatory, passed his examination for Meadowbrook High School. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Sonia Sterling
  • "My daughter, Britnay Gordon of Mount Alvernia Preparatory School, used GoGSAT and was placed at Montego Bay High School — the school of her first choice. GoGSAT really helped us."
    Sharon Singh
  • "My daughter, Christiana McKenzie of Howard Cooke Primary, received exceptional GSAT preparation on GoGSAT and was placed at Montego Bay High School. Thanks GoGSAT!"
    Olivia Prendigast
  • "I would just like to say thanks for your website. It contributed significantly to the success of my son, Odean Robinson, who was placed at dèCarteret College — the school which was his first choice. His average improved over the period that your website was used …
    "Thanks a lot. I am glad that the persons who received this vision did not just sit back and say it cannot work, but were innovative enough to establish it. I hope you will continue to improve on this website and wish for you every success in this endeavour. I will definitely be signing up for the CaribbeanExams.com website in the near future …
    "Thanks again and may the Lord continue to bless and inspire you in making this venture a bigger and more successful one."
    Deanne Robinson
  • "Our son, Jevaughn Walcott of Pembroke Hall Primary, passed his examination for Calabar High School.
    "I signed on to GoGSAT in June 2006. I was not sure what to expect, but I can confidently say it was the best decision I made in helping my child prepare for GSAT … GoGSAT really helped him … we were able to identify his strengths and weaknesses way ahead of time and were able to work on them.
    "The help desk answered our many questions. We were able to keep track of his grades and the best thing is that the tests were graded immediately and the scores posted to his grade book in real time. My son truly loved this website and used it on a daily basis …
    "Shalette East was always available to answer our queries and concerns and this shows the interest she has in seeing our children succeed. I have recommended this website to other parents and at least three parents took up the offer in my son's class. These students all passed their GSAT for their school of choice. I am again recommending this site to parents as you cannot go wrong with Shalette and her team and remember parents to start your child early so they can get as much practice as possible.
    "Thanks to Shalette and her team for doing such a great job. The GoGSAT website is simply the best!"
    Deborah and Carlton Walcott
  • "I can't tell you how much GoGSAT has helped my son, Brandon Holness of The Queen's Prep. Brandon will be attending Calabar High School. GoGSAT was very good."
    Naomi Holness
  • "My daughter, Rayneice Palmer of Howard Cooke, passed her GSAT examination for Mount Alvernia High School. … Thank you for developing this awesome program."
    Sharon Palmer
  • "I am very pleased to say that my son Norwyn Campbell of Supreme Preparatory did very well in his exams and will be attending Cornwall College. Thanks to the GoGSAT team."
    Donna Campbell
  • "GoGSAT has done so much for my daughter. Thank you! Ricky passed her examination for St. Hugh's High School. I definitely recommend GoGSAT to other parents."
    Caren Drummond
  • "Thank you very much GoGSAT it was worth every penny! This training/practice software was great. I am not sure how we could have done without it. Thanks to GoGSAT my daughter Peter-Kaye Henry got her first choice to Campion College. I will definitely recommend this software to my friends."
    Peter Henry
  • "My daughter, Danielle, will be attending Immaculate Conception High School with very high grades. The GoGSAT website was very helpful. Thank you, and all the best for the future with this venture!"
    Sandra Bernard
  • "Hasani got into Ardenne High School — his first choice. We found the GoGSAT site useful and have shared it with others."
    Cecile Johnson Semaj
  • "Jordann-Leigh's experience with GOGSAT was absolutely wonderful. She improved greatly in many areas because of the practice that she was able to have through your programme. Your help desk is also very helpful, and the response time is excellent. I have recommended GOGSAT to so many parents. It is definitely worth the money and time spent. Jordann-Leigh passed for Ardenne High. All of us are very proud of her. Thanks to you and the GOGSAT team. It has really been a team effort."
    Simone DaSilval
  • "I'm indeed happy to report that Maya did very well. She's going to St. Andrew High — my alma mater — and is very elated about it. I must say I found the site very well organised, user-friendly and timely. I certainly wish there was such a website years ago when my older daughter did GSAT or even before that. But the upcoming 'GSATers' are sure to benefit from it. Thank you and your partners for being insightful and forward-thinking enough to develop such a useful tool for our youngsters. All the best for future developments in this area."
    Evette Hendricks
  • "Peter-Jon did well on the exams considering he returned to Jamaica in October 2005 after being out of this system for the last quarter of grade 4 and missed all of grade 5.
    "When he returned in October, he was a bit down because quite a bit of the stuff was new to him. As soon as he settled down, and with the help of your programme it made a big difference. I liked the fact that he could be graded, but also the answers and rationale were right there, so matters could be settled right there, and he could move on to something else. Overall in the 5 months, I think he did very well and we are so proud of him. He will be attending Wolmer's Boys.
    "Thank you so much for your effort and may God continue to bless you, the GoGSAT team and your work."
    Eugennie Williams
  • "I must say that I found your test site quite useful as it afforded me the opportunity to identify Sanjah's areas of weakness so I could work with him on them. I am proud to report that he did extremely well. Sanjah will be attending Wolmer's Boys School. Thanks much."
    Parents of Sanjah Hall
  • "Using GoGSAT was good for us as the quick response enabled us to conduct research. … Allison did very well in her exams and got placed at her first choice, Glenmuir High School. We have been telling people of our experience and encouraging sign-up … Thanks again and all the best."
    Rose Mullings
  • "Daniel passed for Calabar High School. I am sure that GoGSAT played an integral role in his success. GoGSAT provided great practice in a different setting with immediate results. Thank you GoGSAT."
    Debra Parsons
  • "My son Lee-Andrew Bloomfield was awarded a place at Calabar High School. The GoGSAT service is truly commendable. Please maintain the standard."
    Charmaine Bailey-Bloomfield
  • "The GoGSAT system has helped me in many different ways! When the results were being called out, I was astonished to hear that I got my first choice which is Montego Bay High School. The GoGSAT system increased my confidence and academic skills. … Thanks for everything GoGSAT! My mom says thanks and hopes your program helps more children like me."
    Rashana Anderson
  • "GoGSAT was a good experience for my daughter who did exceptionally well and was placed at the Montego Bay High School for girls (which was her first choice). Her average was in the 90's and with the use of GoGSAT system she became more exposed and confident in preparing for the exam. Thanks for making this site available to help prepare students for GSAT."
    Joyce Young
  • "Overall, GoGSAT is a great system. … Rossaun used the system to prepare for his GSAT examination and was placed in the school of his first choice — Munro College."
    Normalee Shippy
  • "Thanks for the help. Jonathan passed to Kingston College."
    Adeniyi Bamidele
  • "The GoGSAT experience was wonderful and no doubt has contributed to my daughter's excellent performance in the GSAT Exams."
    Yvonne L. Barrett-Rochester
  • "My daughter passed for her school of choice — St. Jago High."
    Merle Baldwin, Director of Administration and Planning
  • "Thank you GoGSAT I am very thankful for this program. Even though I heard of this program late, I still managed to benefit from it. God bless your GSAT team."
    Adizua Allen, El Instituto de Mandevilla Preparatory School
  • "Keep up the good work!!! This site has helped me a lot …"
    Shannon Adams, Wolmer's Preparatory
  • "Well, I love this website you guys provide! It is very interesting, and most of all I learnt a lot from all the subjects this website provide. It is easy to use and extremely understanding. I know most kids out there are very excited about this GSAT site. This GSAT site helped a lot of children out there that is slow to understand in class. As I said before this GSAT site is as EASY as 123."
    Sanjay Taylor
  • "Helped me a lot."
    Mark Bernard
  • "I love this GSAT exams website."
    Samathia Johnson
  • "This GSAT exams website is very useful."
    Peter Shaw Jr.
  • "Practising for GSAT is more fun online."
    Lisa Chung
  • "GoGSAT is a dream come true for me!"
    Andrew Brown Jr.
  • "GoGSAT makes practising for my GSAT examination fun and exciting."
    Patrice Dixon
  • "Studying for GSAT has never been more fun!"
    Marion Phillips
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GSAT Parents …

  • "I think GoGSAT is quite good! I find that my child enjoys working on the site. GOGSAT is definitely an excellent addition to what is available."
    Leahcim Semaj, Ph.D.
  • "The GoGSAT system is excellent! I like the fact that the system gives instant results. My child is able to resit GSAT practice tests, access online help … I highly recommend this system to parents and students."
    Dr. Raymoth Notice
  • "On behalf of my son Fitz, I would like to say thanks to the team of GoGSAT for the assistance provided these past two months. For me it was money well spent. I will remain a loyal customer for the next 2 years as I have two younger children. Fitz is more confident today than he was 2 months ago. Bless you always and keep up the excellent work."
    Coleen Palmer Wright
  • "GoGSAT has been a total life-saver for my daughter Amanda who attends Meadowbrook Preparatory. She needed some assistance in Science and a little more push in Communication Task. GoGSAT has made her more confident and more focused. She is always eager to get home to log on and practise, and I continue to encourage her. I am confident that in the end, my daughter will achieve excellent grades in the final exams and be place at the school of her choice. Big-up's to the staff at GoGSAT, especially Shalette East, who continues to inspire me to do the very best in preparing my daughter for the 'future'!"
    Michell Williams
  • "GoGSAT was instrumental in assisting my daughter Chiann Henry of Mona Preparatory with her GSAT preparation. Chiann passed her GSAT and was placed at the school of her choice — Wolmer's Girls. Thanks GoGSAT."
    Mauleen Henry
  • "With just a few days to go before the GSAT exams I would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to you and your team for this wonderful site. With a job like mine you guys sure made my job much easier, and I know that this has helped Chanice a whole lot, I have seen her grades improve and as such her confidence has grown stronger."
    Karen Troupe
  • "My child benefited from GoGSAT. She got the feel of doing the exam, so the initial nervousness went. When I told her to take the first test, she was sooo nervous right there in our study — as if this was the real exam. I assured her, paused the test and let her know that she was in control. The result, on the real exam day was that she was more confident, not nervous. … Thanks GoGSAT."
    Merle Baldwin, Director of Administration and Planning
  • "I think your website is fabulous and very informative … I recommend this system to parents and students."
    Deborah Walcott
  • "It is quite refreshing to subscribe to a service which transform my child's learning into fun …"
    Dennis Kohen
  • "I am impressed! I like the idea of having more than one questions on each page compared to another site I have looked at. The GSAT information for parents is oh so relevant! I like the review for the English … It is really encouraging to see that we parents can get something that is geared specifically towards the GSAT curriculum."
    Joy Ellis
  • "I am the parent of Chanice and I think this is the best thing that has happened where GSAT preparation is concerned. Keep up the good work!"
    Karen Troupe
  • "Brilliant GSAT site, easy to use and very informative!"
    Sandra Brown, Civil Servant
  • "This GSAT site is really awesome. Thanks a lot!"
    Marcia Bernard, BSc, Civil Servant
  • "I learnt about the GoGSAT GSAT site from my daughter's friend, I find it real useful :-)"
    Mary Shaw
  • "Thank you for this wonderful GSAT website … Congratulations!"
    Pauline Brown, Teller
  • "The best place for my son to go after school."
    Andrew Brown Sr, Businessman
  • "At first I could not believe that Patrice was actually spending so much time studying on her computer. This is a girl who I had to literally punish to take up a textbook. GoGSAT is presented in a format that makes learning fun and exciting. My daughter's grades have steadily improved and her desire to learn has never been greater."
    Mrs. Simone Levy-Dixon, Secretary
  • "Truly Amazing! … The website is developed exclusively for the GSAT examination and that is what makes it so valuable … the section for parents is especially helpful, and the preparation tips are excellent."
    Maureen Skyers, LLB, Attorney at Law
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GSAT Educators…

  • "The GoGSAT system definitely assisted with our GSAT preparation for 2006. The system provided the necessary practice which enhanced the preparation process. The teachers enjoyed using the system and the students benefited tremendously from it. The GoGSAT system was worth every cent. We are definitely impressed with the system and will continue with this tremendous preparation tool for the 2007 examinations."
    Jem Stanley, Principal, Mount Saint Josephs Preparatory
  • " GoGSAT has proven useful to my students."
    Barbara Dawkins Middlesex Corner Primary School
  • "… GoGSAT is Impressive!"
    Kera Robinson, Teacher, Wilmor Preparatory
  • "… The GoGSAT system is excellent!"
    Ambika Ram, Teacher, Mount Saint Josephs Preparatory
  • "We found GoGSAT very useful; the students love it, the teachers appreciate it and I myself use it from time to time."
    June Spence, (former) Principal, Wolmer's Preparatory
  • "GoGSAT is excellent …"
    Beverley Jobson Grant, Principal, Polly Ground
  • "GoGSAT is a very helpful instrument …"
    Carlene Lennox, Principal, Orange Field
  • "GoGSAT is an excellent programme …"
    Janet Samaroo, Principal, Glen Prep
  • "Excellent website!"
    Susan Williams, Principal, Liberty Preparatory
  • "We are happy with the GoGSAT programme."
    Simone McKenzie, Teacher, Hazard Primary
  • "… Today was our first day on GoGSAT and it was fantastic. The children loved every aspect; it is the first time that I have had to ask them to stop studying. For me as their teacher I was thrilled. It is truly a dream come true. Fantastic! Thanks a million. God bless."
    Maxine Mitchell, Principal ACE Academy
  • "… The GoGSAT system contributed positively to our 2007 GSAT preparation. We are happy with GoGSAT and will definitely be on in September."
    Janice Simpson, Principal, Munro Preparatory
  • "… We find GoGSAT very helpful."
    Marion Bramwell, Teacher, Munro Prep
  • "… GoGSAT is a great programme!"
    Barbara Kerr-Thompson, Principal, Porter Center for Knowledge
  • "… I think GoGSAT is a very good system. It is evident that a lot of research went into its planning and development."
    Gloria Jack, Principal, Glowell Prep
  • "… Our GoGSAT licence was worth every penny. GoGSAT is excellent!"
    Praise Tab Christian Academy
  • "I find GoGSAT very helpful. The system will definitely enhance the students' GSAT preparation …"
    Marvia Trentfield, Principal, Sandy Bay Primary
    • "The students who were on the GoGSAT programme have done well particularly those who were on the card. Out of the seven going to Glenmuir six were on the GoGSAT programme. Thank you all at GoGSAT.…"
      Althea Thomas, Principal Race Course Primary
      • " the students at St. Helen's Preparatory did very well in the G.S.A.T. exam. Thanks for your help. …"
        Joyce English , Principal, St. Helen Prep School
      • "Exceptional!"
        Senator Professor Trevor Munroe
      • "The GoGSAT system is good value for money. I recommend the system to parents and students."
        Pearline Gayle, Teacher, John Mills All Age
      • "… Quite good! … Very helpful!"
        Cherila Maddan, Principal, Frome Preparatory
      • "As a Guidance Counsellor who deals with students at the Grade 6 level and having had the opportunity to view the GoGSAT web site I am proud that it was created by some fellow Jamaicans and I fully support it as a valuable and worthwhile GSAT tool!"
        Lee Townsend, Guidance Counsellor, Belair Prep
      • "It looks great. I have added it to my list of favourites — especially for my daughter who will be doing the GSAT exams in 2007."
        Orville Reid, MBA (Hons), Educator, HEART Trust
      • "This is a great website for GSAT students and their parents."
        Aquilla Henry, B.A., Teacher, Merl Grove High School
      • "This is by far the BEST online GSAT resource I have seen yet!"
        Jefferey Thompson, PhD, Lecturer
      • "I really love this site. Everything is very well organised, informative and well written."
        Anthony Brown, PhD, University Professor
      • "Your GSAT exams website is very beneficial."
        Courtney Thompson, MBA, Headmaster
      • "Excellent website! Much thought and effort went into the design and content."
        Carmen Barrett, Ph.D., Lecturer
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      Other Testimonials …

      • "This is an innovative attempt to marry technology with practical wisdom to get students to hone their technological skills while getting the well-needed practice to prepare for the GSAT."
        Claire Spence, Deputy Director, Office of General Development, USAID
      • I write in endorsement of this excellent new undertaking by the GoGSAT and CaribbeanExams team. It is comprehensive, responsible and really up to date. As a parent it allows for continuous involvement. We find it exciting and uncomplicated. I invite the Caribbean private sector and other corporate bodies to support this truly laudable initiative …"
        Everton Hannam, Secretary-General, Jamaica National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
      • "Very good GSAT website!"
        Kurt Boothe, M.B.A., Businessman
      • "Good going, GoGSAT, hope to use this GSAT website when my two are older."
        Anthony McKenzie, MBA, Civil Servant
      • "Great GSAT website, loved the design."
        Michelle Palmer, Graduate Student
      • "… this is a wonderful and exciting way to assist students in their preparation for the GSAT exam."
        Andrea Arscott Allen, Employee, National Commercial Bank, Black River
      • "Excellent GSAT Website!"
        Bismark Ashigbar, MBA, Entrepreneur
      • "Excellent GSAT Website!"
        Kadeen Dennie, M.I.B.A., Marketing Manager
      • "I have had the opportunity to really look at the GSAT website in some detail and I am very impressed."
        Alicia Hussey, LLB, Attorney at Law
      • "GoGSAT is the best online website for GSAT students to use to improve their examination skills."
        Max Freesney Pierre (Cand.) Ph.D. M.Ed. MA. BA., Poet, Journalist & Educator
      • "I am very proud that a Jamaican conceptualised and set this GSAT website in motion."
        Lorna Hanlon Pharm.D, Pharmacist
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