Community Safety Courseware


The Community Safety and Security courseware is intended to improve students’ knowledge of issues relating to safety and security. This is done with a view to: (a) strengthen support for local community partnership, (b) improve the life chances of young people, and (c) prevent the likelihood of at-risk youth involvement in gang violence.

Courseware Description

The Community Safety and Security Courseware is comprised of individual lessons, games, interactive resources, personalized student help desks, chat room facilities, real time online grade books as well as graded end-of module tests.

The courseware is comprised of seven modules covering the following key issues:

  • Safety
  • Roles and Functions of the Police
  • Community Policing
  • Child Care and Protection
  • Important Do’s and Don’ts
  • Youth Development Programmes
  • Gang Prevention

Assistant Commissioner of Police John Mclean Speaks About the Community Safety and Security Courseware