In November 2005, the Minister of Commerce Science and Technology, the Hon. Phillip Paulwell, for the first time presented the National Innovation Awards for Science and Technology. The major goals of the Minister’s Innovation Awards were to sensitize, stimulate and encourage stakeholders – individuals, students, communities and organizations – to use science and technology in their endeavours, ultimately creating an enabling environment for innovation and creativity. The awards also seek to celebrate outstanding achievements of innovators in science and technology. These annual awards are in support of the Government’s efforts to promote the systemic application of scientific and technical knowledge to meet diverse and changing needs in different areas of the economy, and ultimately to increase production, productivity and diversity of products. In 2008 GoGSAT won the National Innovation award for Technology in Education. GoGSAT was also placed second runner-up in the Grand award section. In 2010, the Community Safety and Security Courseware CSSC which was developed in partnership with the JCF, MOE, SDC and the CDA (sponsored by USAID) won the National Innovation Award for Technology in Education.