US Embassy helps 100 inner-city students prepare for exam

Kingston, Jamaica, October 14, 2009

The United States Embassy is helping one hundred inter-city students prepare for the Grade Four Literacy Test (GFLT) and the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) through, the Caribbeans premier test preparation site. The programme will last for one year.The students were selected from Ascot Primary, Central Branch All Age, Dunrobin Primary and Junior High, Rousseau Primary, Liguanea Primary and Rose Gordon Primary. Students are assessed on entering the programme and placed in full practice or literacy streams. Those in the literacy streams are further tested to strengthen weak areas. Sponsored by the Narcotics Affairs Section of the United States Embassy, the programme will expose the students to a wealth of tests and revisions, including 6,000 simulated, full length timed computer adaptive and topic specific tests, instant scoring, real-time grade book, comprehensive language arts review, homework assistance and explanation as well as a personalized help desk and personal e-tutors.

In addition to the practice and literacy programmes, each student will have free access to the USAID-COMET/JCF Community Safety and Security courseware, that is part of the The courseware comprises individual modules covering the roles and functions of the police, safety, community policing, child care and protection, youth development programmes and gang prevention. The Community Safety and Security programme is highly interactive. To complete it, students access individual lessons, games, chat rooms, help desks, real-time online grade books and end of module tests to develop proper policing and security knowledge.

The US Embassy sponsorship comes against the backdrop of recent announcements of a 67 percent primary school literacy average. is poised to help, and parent-teacher associations, church groups and organizations are encouraged to follows the US Embassys example and sponsor children who are in need of assistance and encouragement.

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