Scotiabank Goes – GoGSAT

Scotiabank is partnering with to extend this programme to an additional 25 schools at the primary level. The bank marked its support of the programme with a special demonstration for students and teachers at the Iris Gelly Primary School in Kingston earlier this week. The GoGSAT programme will give students access to a database of more than 6,000 practice questions covering all the focal areas of the Grade Six Achievement Test. The programme also offers a simulated test environment, inclusive of timed testing and automatic grading and enables parents and teachers to keep track of student performance.

Shalette East, who heads the GoGSAT programme, said Scotiabank’s support brings the number of schools using the programme to 70. “With this programme, students have access to comprehensive information in one place. After taking tests, there is a live marker that scores the tests almost immediately, and gives the results. In cases of incorrect answers, students can view the correct response.”

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