Jamaica Community Empowerment

August 21, 2008

Sweet Laughter!

Mayor of Kingston Councillor Desmond McKenzie (centre-foreground) has representatives of USAID in a jovial mood as he shares a joke with them during the ‘Salute to GSAT High Achievers’ on Friday (August 22) at the Grants Pen Peace Park. Enjoying the joke are (L-R) Sean Osner, Deputy Director of the USAID’s Office of Sustainable Development; Bert Laurent, Director, USAID-Community Empowerment and Transformation (COMET) Project; Sasha Parke, USAID’s Project Management Specialist – Democracy and Governance and Sharene McKenzie, Civil Society Specialist, USAID-COMET. Awards were given to 35 Grants Pen students who performed outstandingly in the online practice tests run by GoGSAT, an e-learning company and USAID-COMET; as well as in the 2008 Grade Six Achievement Tests (GSAT).

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