GoGSAT launches innovative mobile test prep service

Friday February 12, 2010

GoGSAT Limited, the premier preparation website for students sitting the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) continues its forward-thinking approach with the recent rollout of its latest innovation – GoGSAT mobile ( An off-shoot of its parent website, the application is designed for use on cellular phones, facilitating ‘studying on the go’.

Offering over 2000 practice questions on the core GSAT subject areas, at an introductory fee of J$300 per month, the mobile site provides students with an easy option to practice for their GSAT examination, anywhere, at anytime. Along with its modern design, GOGSAT mobile boasts a user-friendly navigation interface with high resolution images, creating an appealing site for its target audience.

“GOGSAT is excited about the new application, and the potential that it brings”, stated Shalette East, GoGSAT CEO. “GoGSAT mobile clearly addresses the GSAT core curricular areas that matters most to parents and students, and with so much riding on gaining a good score, we aim to make the preparatory process easier.”

With the growing trend towards technology based education, its no wonder GoGSAT has stepped up to offer this innovative application to encourage and sustain continuous learning. “From our preliminary tests, this ground-breaking project is expected to generate much buzz in the market”, East added, “and it is a natural addition to our portfolio.” We designed this application with children in mind. They spend a huge amount of their time using their cellular phones, so we wanted to offer a learning tool that could be accessed via this medium”.

With operations spanning the region, the company also provides exam preparation for CSEC/CXC and CAPE through its website. With thousands of users, hundreds of partner schools, partnerships with regional and international publishers, government ministries and ministries of education, the company has definitely revolutionised examination preparation in the Caribbean.

To register for GoGSAT mobile, visit or contact GoGSAT at 906-8144, 655-1651 or

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